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Salam, A friend once asked me why I like so much watching 22 half naked man chasing after the same small round object on a field? Well I think any answer won't satisfy this chair-leg (kaki bangku) type of person. The first ever World Cup final I watched was great. Watching the likes of Rumenigge, Matthaus, Toni Schumacher and co. lost to Maradona, Burruchaga, Pumpido and co. in the final of World Cup 1986 has sparked my keen interest in football in general and the German team in particular. That same feeling was also there since I started going to "stadium keramat" Stadium Sultan Mohd ke 4 since my primary schooldays. It was an unforgettable experience to be part of the crowd witnessing the great Kelantan team with the likes of Hashim Mustapha, Marko Kraljevic, Boonphop Praphut, Zahasmi Ismail, Dalini Dali and so many more great players mesmerizing the crowds and in some other times playing not so great. Back to the future in 2010 my interest to the game is still


Salam, The submission stage in a criminal trial is the most eagerly awaited stage in a criminal trial. Here, all the efforts put in by the parties, all the evidence (or drama) that has transpired throughout the trial will be compressed, zip filed and reduced to a mere 30 minutes script reading or tongue lashing by the judge or even sometimes a one line sentence like "hujahan saya adalah seperti keterangan, Yang Arif". Due to the KPI-phobia, recently the time frame to prepare for a submission has dwindled from weeks to a matter of minutes. Some KPI obsessed judges demand submission to be done on the spot after the case closed. Some even ridiculed lawyers who opt for oral submission due to time constraint, while they themselves only allow less than 24 hours for preparation. Apart from Paul the Nostradamus octopus; my current most hated thing is definitely KPI. It pressured all parties unnecessarily, has slowly removed judicial discretion and transforming justice and perfor