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Salam, One of the celebrated terms used by my fellow comrades in the legal fraternity and struggle is "Poligam". Don't confuse it with Poligami though Poligami is also one of the hot topics often discussed among men. Poligam is a combination of Politik and Gambar. Kind of similar to famous words created by Allahyarham P. Ramlee (I stand corrected) such as Pawagam (panggung+wayang+gambar) and Kugiran (kumpulan+gitar+rancak). Suddenly it escalates to "Polivid", "Polikhbar" and so on. Thus, Poligam simply means integrating the art of politics in pictures. Instead of looking dull, sombre, gloomy or unimportant in pictures, Poligam transforms a person to be photogenic, lively, dramatic and energetic in a picture. A Pak Pacak simply becomes a hero. A kepoh lawyer who did nothing in a case suddenly thrusted into the limelight. A session ended magnificently when it is wrapped up by a splendid photo session coupled with a touch of "Poligam