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Salam, Apart from being involved in the legal world and fast paced court action, I have always have an interest in cooking. Well at least I covered the eating part as well as watching cooking shows in tv as my culinary skills is limited to cooking eggs and maggee mee. The current hyped and popular Master Chef shown in astro has escalated my interest to a greater height. I might as well venture into cooking in the event my desire subdued in legal arena, which I hope won't be happening. A quick glance through news (some are rubbish and pointless cyber fightings) in FB, twitter etc today; one news has caught my attention. A PTD lady officer has been charged in Sepang court for hitting dear hubby with office file! This will easily make front page in any tabloids in our 1Malaysia. Are we running out of genuine, pressing and pure crimes to be brought the court? I'm trying to digest and visualize what may have transpired. The file must have been so huge and dangerous. Alternativ


RINGKASAN PENGHUJAHAN PERAYU Dengan izin Yang Arif, Adalah menjadi prinsip asas bahawa Mahkamah di peringkat rayuan sewajarnya ‘slow’ dalam mengganggu keputusan berdasarkan penemuan fakta yang dibuat oleh Hakim bicara. Izinkan kami merujuk kes Lim Kheak Teong v PP [1984] 1 CLJ (Rep) 207 dan kes Dr Jayadevan Arayan & Anor v. Sharon Simon & Ors [2000] 3 CLJ 647. Adalah dihujahkan YA Pesuruhjaya Kehakiman yang bijaksana telah khilaf apabila mengganggu keputusan HMS yang telah menggunakan prinsip yang betul dalam menilai keseluruhan keterangan yang ada. Oleh itu, Mahkamah Rayuan yang Mulia ini mempunyai alasan kukuh dan bermerit untuk mengganggu keputusan yang telah dibuat oleh Yang Arif Pesuruhjaya Kehakiman. Yang Arif Pesuruhjaya Kehakiman tidak sepatutnya ‘interfere’ terhadap keputusan HMS atas alasan-alasan berikut; Yang Arif Pesuruhjaya Kehakiman khilaf apabila meyimpulkan bahawa pembelaan Perayu adalah penafian kosong (bare denial).