Alhamdulillah today we are given the blessings by Allah to meet Ramadhan again. Now its high time for us to refresh our mind, body, soul (and stomach too) from all the allurement of dunia and nafsu. Its also the time to reload our amal ibadah, upgrade our iman, defrag our clouded minds, delete our bad habits and if need be re-format our priority in life. We might also interested in switching the old operating system (secular one) to a cool one (Islamic one).

Do we feel happy or excited with Ramadhan's arrival? If you answer in a positive tone, I'm glad you are still a sane muslim. If your answer is negative, then something is wrong somewhere, deep in your heart. We should be rejoicing now and not when Dendang Perantau by P.Ramlee or Sesuci Lebaran by Datuk Siti is being played non-stop in the radio. Its also the same if you main concern for Ramadhan is bubur lambuk, ayam golek and cendol rather than terawih, taadarus and tahajjud. Please consult your soul doctor (doktor rohani).

So, coming into Ramadhan, we need to do a little bit of re-allignment and re-balancing in our daily life. If let say, previously it was 50% work (for lawyers 10% from this is waiting in court), 25% sleep, 10% stuck in traffic jam and the balance 15% is for family and ibadah khususiah (yes our whole life should be ibadah), then in fasting mode, we should try to improve the percentage of the ibadah part. There's a load of ibadah that we can perform, no excuse here my friends for not doing the best to grab this opportunity that only comes once a year. Even Malaysian Mega Sale also got two, three times a year what. If miss one time, still can go one, Ramadhan cannot one you know.

Switching to fasting mode also means minimizing activities which can lead to a waste of time or even slimming (menguruskan) your pahala puasa. It includes activities like mengayam ketupat (mengumpat or the hip word is gossiping or eating your saudara's flesh ler), watching cable tv (shows like WWE Raw, sinetron Indon and Korea, anything Bollywood) and may also include internetting (FB as well?). In other words, we should be prioritizing more towards harvesting amal so that we can pluck the result of the good deeds in the hereafter.

Another thing that I believe we should seriously try to implement is avoiding the "hot hot chicken shit" syndrome (hangat-hangat tahi ayam). It is so obvious in the beginning days of Ramadhan (yes it happened today), we can witness the crowd in the mosque/surau performing tarawih which is extra-ordinary in numbers. Some say its even a bigger crowd than solat jumaat. But progressively as Ramadhan itching moving away from us, all that is left is the golden citizen or the same faces that you see in non Ramadhan period. What a loss to us. I bet everyone knows how valuable the pahala on the last 10 days and lailatul qadar also most likely to be in one of those nights. By this stage, most of us will be embroiled in things like flour, cornflakes, pineapple tart and microwave.

Switching to Ramadhan mode also means limiting my time blogging. So, I might be resorting to a short and sweet (conscise) type of posting so that I won't be blogging till the sahur period while some of my friends out there is wetting (membasahkan) his sajadah with tears of taubat or tadarrusing al-Quran (which will be our companion in the grave, surely you need one). Have the fullest Ramadhan this year my friends! Wassalam.


  1. salam imam

    last night a tazkirah from an ustaz said that in the awal ramadhan its rahmah from Almighty that open muslims heart to be in masjids and suraus for tarawikh. then, its good for them. sampai katanya siak masjid pun telepas ke saf belakang.

    but come mid ramadhan only the veterans are still there. I think this is trully a global syndrome la imam. dont you? hey you miss one thing about ramadan, its MOREH! well its my motivation to go to masjid during my chilhood days!

  2. Saudaraku Doremon,

    Well moreh is compulsory too for me as a pulling factor to to to certain mosque (menu to be checked first)..but like you've said my friend, looks like the veterans will get lailatul qadar every Ramadhan..the question is, are we going to live till we become veterans too?


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