Business or pleasure is a phrase normally related to business world. When you are travelling outstation this is one of the FAQ that will be asked. Is it a work related trip or just a trip to get away from work itself. Sometimes it's a combination of both; conducting trials, meeting clients etc and indulging in shopping, sight seeing and more shopping in the same breath.

Ironically, in most decision making process involved in business (read: mine is the so called legal business), these two extremes are the main consideration before arriving at a decision. It actually should be rephrased into "business or personal@feelings@consideration (timbang rasa). It's tough to balance between these two extremes.

If you based your decisions purely or strictly on business consideration; you might end up being a cruel person. Your formula is business only and will disregard consideration or some leeway to other parties in your business circle. On the other hand, if you're developing into mr nice guy (or mr tak kesah) in handling business, you might end up being more of a welfare officer than a lawyer.

Take fees as a referral point. Should we be too strict and impose a hardliner approach regarding fees? Withdraw automatically once a client defaulted or delayed with reasonable or even recycled reasons? Refuse to consider or even to communicate to clients once problems regarding fees surfaced? Stop being a human being and sarcastically use a popular phrase associated to lawyers (no money no talk) and lambast client without any mercy?

Or, give more latitude to clients? Offer discounts if they are unable to meet our demands? Happily accept standard reasons given by clients when they defaulted in payment and continue striving hard in our job leaving the rest to Allah and Rasul to reward us in hereafter? Finish the case and win handsomely even when clients do not pay in full?

That's why I mentioned earlier that its a difficult task to make the right choice. And that is only regarding fees alone. There are numerous decisions that business players must make in day to day job. Decisions that must be done professionally safeguarding the good name of our profession without allowing others to take advantage of your expertise and transform you into cheap labours.

Decisions that must also be humane and considerate to legitimate and acceptable reasons given by others. Decisions that will earn you respect for your considerate nature and gentlemanly approach. Decisions that will create more friends than foes that will eventually lead to more clients and prosperity.

In short, like we always hear numerous times; "jika tidak mahu dilambung ombak jangan berumah di tepi pantai". In business maybe what you need is a combination of both; a strong house and a good swimming skill. Wassalam.


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